We can help you generate more tax-friendly, passive income through real estate

Real Estate as an asset class provides many benefits to an investment portfolio, including diversification, inflation protection, current income, leverage and tax benefits. REITs are a good start, but they’re a suboptimal way to diversify public equity market risk. This is especially important for investors who may be over-exposed to public equities due to their W2 income, their employer, or other individual circumstances. What’s more, REITs typically offer lower cash yields, and they don’t enjoy the same favorable tax advantages as direct investments. 

At Cove Investments, we provide access to investment opportunities in direct real estate private equity. We partner with experienced operators in markets around the US with above average growth in population, jobs, and income. Our primary strategy is to target smaller, cash flowing workforce apartment buildings of 80-300 units, that fall under the radar of larger institutional investors, in need of capital investment to increase rental income.

We rigorously evaluate each partner, analyze every investment opportunity, and co-invest in every deal that we we recommend. It’s important that our investors feel comfortable and confident, so we always provide full transparency to our underwriting models, fees, compensation and monthly financials for each and every project. We’re also available to answer questions, walk through the process, and provide monthly updates.

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